Attorney services

We can assist you to manage your finances in later years, assist you if you are overseas or if you are struggling to help a family member or friend with their finances. Our financial management services help you if, due to your age or loss of capacity, are no longer able to manage some or all of your affairs, or if you simply choose not to manage your own affairs for lifestyle reasons.

We can:

  • pay your bills, including utilities, medical expenses, and retirement or nursing home costs
  • manage your bank accounts
  • find alternative accommodation, including a retirement or nursing home, and arrange the sale of a house if required
  • manage your pension payments, including Centrelink
  • manage your insurance needs, including medical and hospital
  • oversee the management of your investments
  • ensure your taxation affairs are looked after
  • maintain all your records and accounts.

You can appoint us as your attorney or you can nominate us under an enduring power of attorney.

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For more information about our financial management services, please speak to your adviser or call us on 1800 882 218.

You or a client can appoint us as their attorney or they can nominate us under an enduring power of attorney. We work in partnership with you to ensure you maintain the relationship with the client.

We are always willing to work in partnership with you to give your clients specialist advice on estate and trustee services.

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For more information, please contact one of our business development managers on 1800 684 672.