Personal Superannuation Services

Australian Executor Services Limited (AETL) was acquired by Equity Trustees Limited (EQT) on 30 November 2022. The acquisition was announced on 22 August 2022, and as part of that announcement we outlined that we would be exiting the platforms business as it is non-core for EQT, whose core focus is on trustee services and not administration and custody.

This has resulted in our decision to exit of our PMS and SMSF offerings, and in conjunction with SuperConcepts, develop an alternative solution through a referral process to SuperConcepts for these clients.

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We have been providing superannuation services for more than 20 years, and have proven expertise in managing super, so we will continue to offer our SAF service. The AET SAF is an investment and superannuation administration service with a professional trustee. The AET SAF provides the simplicity of investment administration from a single platform with access to a range of assets. It offers sophisticated online reporting through one convenient online portal – AET My Portfolio

Our Personal Superannuation Services