Executor services

When it comes to managing an estate and appointing an executor, you have two options: you can choose an individual (either a family member or friend) or a professional trustee company, such as AET.

Before selecting the executor of your estate, you need to fully understand what the role entails. The executor is responsible for administering your entire estate – from identifying, managing and protecting all assets to paying debts – until the process is complete.

Being an executor means taking on fiduciary obligations, which carry the risk of personal liability if administration errors are made. The executor will be performing this complex and challenging role at a potentially difficult and emotional time.

An executor is the person or organisation responsible for carrying out the wishes outlined in your Will. When appointing an executor, you can choose a family member, friend or professional trustee company, such as us.

Being an executor is not for the faint-hearted. It is often a time-consuming, complex and challenging task that takes place at what can be a difficult and emotional time.

Appointing a professional trustee company, such as AET, to act as executor brings many benefits:

  • Because of our capacity to be independent, objective and impartial, we act on your wishes and are not subject to family influence.
  • We have more than 130 years’ experience in estate administration, and our sound business practices mean we provide continuity of service.
  • We do not rely on a single person(s), whose absence, illness or death could prevent them from fulfilling their duties to you.
  • By letting us undertake the often onerous and demanding role of executor or trustee, you gain a sense of security and peace of mind.

You can appoint us as the executor of your Will, we can help administer a deceased estate and we can prepare an estate plan. Or in the case of legal or other incapacity, we provide attorney and financial management services.

A client can appoint us as the executor of their Will, we can help them administer a deceased estate or we can prepare an estate plan for them. Or if a client is elderly or has a legal or other incapacity, we can provide financial management services.