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At AET we are committed to building the capacity and learnings of the philanthropic sector.

We achieve this through Giving Connect, a service that seeks to support philanthropists establish a giving strategy and identify and evaluate not for profit partners.

If you are seeking to partner with philanthropy we encourage you familiarise yourself with the goals of the following foundations and where a genuine alignment exists, register your interest to apply for funding:

FoundationPhilanthropic goal
The Angior Family Foundation

To support:

  • the Anglican Church of Australia Trust Corporation for the Diocese of Melbourne
  • charities having, as their main purpose, the support of performing arts in Victoria
  • charities engaged in the provision of medical services or in medical research of any description.
The Betty Ward Foundation

To support:

  • an appreciation of culture and/or sports in schools and communities.
  • enable access to culture and/or sports for young people who face financial and physical barriers to participation.
  • develop the skills and capability of talented local teachers.
The Charles Allen Charitable Trust
  • Support professional musicians develop their career
  • Deliver conservation programs and raise awareness of the importance of ecological impact (especially migratory birds)
The Gwenneth Nancy Head Foundation
  • Charities which promote access to arts and culture with a preference for the Visual arts
  • Charities that support research and/or the provision of care into the following medical conditions:
    • Arthritis
    • Vision impairment
    • Heart disease, or
    • Cancer
Maria Vasas Foundation

To support:

  1. individuals (who face financial, social or cultural barriers) enhance their education and career development opportunities,
  2. Arts and education organisations whose programs demonstrate personal and professional development opportunities.
The Phillips Foundation Disadvantaged young people are able to reach their full potential.
The Phillips Brothers Foundation To enable disadvantaged children to reach their potential in life through access and engagement in positive education and learning.
The Spencer Gibson Foundation

To support:

  • advance research and care for people living with mental health problems, cancer, heart disease or epilepsy.
  • ease people’s access to community life, and spur their growth through education, the arts and creative expression.
  • support people beyond crisis accommodation and into stable long-term housing.
The Terry and Maureen Hopkins Foundation

The Foundation currently supports organisations whose research and services are aligned with the strategy’s pillars summarised below:

  • Research to address the current gaps in knowledge of the underlying causes of dementia and AD and the mechanisms that underpin disease progression.
  • Improve dementia diagnostic tools and technologies.
  • Research to develop new treatments that aim to slow or even halt dementia progression.
  • Implement evidence-based clinical and care-setting practices that support wellbeing and promote quality of life.

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