Compensation trusts

Do you have a client who has suffered a personal injury and received a compensation payment?

We are a national specialist provider of trustee and financial management services for people who receive a lump sum compensation payment for damages arising from medical negligence, motor vehicle accident, workplace accident or some other personal injury.

Every client is unique and has different needs and goals. Whether they suffer from cerebral palsy, an acquired brain injury or some other form of physical or cognitive impairment, our aim is to help manage, invest and protect the compensation payment they have received to enable them to maximise their quality and enjoyment of life.

Our service is highly personalised. There is no call centre. Instead, you, your client and their family have 24-hour access to a dedicated AET relationship manager.

How we work with you

If you are a financial adviser looking for trustee and financial management services for one of your clients, please contact us and we will explain how we can work together.

If you are a lawyer and need a ‘Cost of funds management report’ or simply wish to enquire about our service on behalf of a client or their family, please contact us.

Contact details:

Ravi Malhotra
Head of Business Development
Telephone: 0466 528 146

Providing estate and trustee services for more than 140 years.

Meet the Compensation Trust Team

Matt Pearson

Head of Client Engagement – Private Client Services

Sydney office

Ravi Malhotra

Head of Business Development, Private Client Services

Sydney office

Paul O'Neill

Senior Manager – Business Development, Trustee Services

Sydney office

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