Small APRA funds

A small APRA fund (SAF) is essentially a self-managed super fund with a professional trustee.

A SAF offers all the freedom and flexibility of a self-managed super fund but without the associated trustee responsibilities and risk of compliance breaches. Instead, compliance obligations are passed on to an approved trustee company – like us.

Because a SAF has an independent trustee, it can be a particularly useful tool for:


Our AET SAF is an all-in-one trustee, investment and superannuation administration service that provides the simplicity of investment administration from a single platform with access to a range of assets. It offers sophisticated online reporting through one convenient online portal – AET My Portfolio – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why not concentrate on your fund's investments rather than the compliance?

How we can help you

We look after the day-to-day administration as well as the annual reporting requirements so you and your adviser can concentrate on the investment strategy.

Our services include:

  • fund establishment
  • asset and superannuation administration
  • investment monitoring
  • compliance checks – ensuring that the fund meets all legislative requirements.

View annual trustee reports and SAF administration fee calculator.

For more information, please read our AET SAF product disclosure statement, investment guide, general reference guide and forms booklet, speak to your financial adviser or call our Client Services Team on 1800 254 180.

From asset administration to a complete end-to-end SMSF solution with the choice of a professional trustee – we have an SMSF solution to suit you.

Meet the SMSF services Team

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National Specialist - SMSF Solutions

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