The Maria Vasas Foundation

The foundation is a discretionary testamentary charitable trust that focuses on supporting a range of charitable organisations, aligned with the founder’s wishes and intentions. More information on the founder and the trust’s operations can be located on the Trust’s website.

The Foundation’s advisory committee evaluates grant applications based on the current funding strategy. Details of the funding strategy can be located at the Foundation’s website.

The Foundation supports eligible organisations that:

  1. support individuals (who face financial, social or cultural barriers) enhance their education and career development opportunities,
  2. Arts and education organisations whose programs demonstrate personal and professional development opportunities, and

The Foundation also has a preference for funding Queensland based organisations. Advisory committee members consider annual and multi-year applications for funding up to $50,000 from February to early April via expression of interest service.

Funding Funding decisions are made in line with the Foundation’s granting process supported by Giving Connect. We suggest you consider the following steps prior to contacting us directly:

  • Step 1: Familiarise yourself with the Foundation’s website and identify whether or not your organisational priorities are likely to align with the Foundation’s strategy.
  • Step 2: Register your interest by completing the expression of interest form.
  • Step 3: Organisations that demonstrate they meet the funding strategy will be requested to participate in a grant application call in April or May.

To find out more about how we can work with you, please email our Philanthropic Services Team at or call us on 1800 684 672.

For more than 140 years we have been helping Australian individuals, families and organisations give back to the community.

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