Testamentary charitable trusts

Do you have clients wanting to create a significant and enduring legacy?

A testamentary charitable trust is established in a client’s Will and commences upon their death to benefit their nominated charitable causes.

A testamentary charitable trust is appropriate if a client wants to:

  • enhance the impact of an initial gift over the long term
  • support a particular charity or charitable purpose
  • inspire future generations and engage them in their giving
  • leave a lasting and powerful legacy.

How we work with you

Our dedicated team of estate planning specialists will work in partnership with you and your client to set up the trust in their Will.

Upon their death, we will administer the trust and act as sole or co-trustee to ensure it remains compliant – in perpetuity.

You will continue to manage the investments of the trust, or act as investment adviser, and as trustee we will oversee the investment strategy of the trust and distribute funds in line with your client’s wishes.

For further information, please read our testamentary charitable trusts client brochure.

To find out more about how we can work with you, please email out Philanthropic Services Team at philanthropy@aetlimited.com.au or call us on 1800 684 672.

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