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Cool Australia currently have a project that has received a multi-year funding commitment by a Foundation managed by AET and a number of other charitable trusts around Australia. However, there is still opportunities to become a philanthropic partner of the Early Learning Resource Hub.

The project’s has been summarised by Thea Stiner, General Manager at Cool Australia in a short video linked here (4 minutes).

About Cool Australia

Cool Australia is a not-for-profit, digital education organisation – where their mission is to equip educators to provide exceptional learning experiences for future-ready students and improve outcomes for children in a rapidly changing and complex world through building the capacity of educators and parents, to enable great teaching by creating high-quality online education resources.

  • There is a lack of high-quality early learning education that is accessible and affordable to regional and remote communities, where there is an over-representation of disadvantaged children; and
  • The most effective time to improve the lives of disadvantaged children is during the early learning years.
  • Early learning centres are better equipped to meet the National Quality Standard
  • Children start school with the tools they need to take advantage of their education and have improved health and social outcomes.
  • Total budget: $607,700 over 3 years (total raised $TBA) – Funding gap of $TBA
  • Funding Opportunity: $10,000 - $20,000
  • Estimated timeframe: 01/12/2020 to 01/12/2023 (and beyond)

Geographic location

Australia wide (regional and remote communities in particular).

Map of Australia

To find out more about how we can work with you, please email our Philanthropic Services Team at or call us on 1800 684 672.

For more than 130 years we have been helping Australian individuals, families and organisations give back to the community.

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Head of Philanthropy and Social Investment

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Manager Charitable Services

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Senior Trust Officer – Philanthropy and Social Investment

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Jennifer Wilson

Estate Planning Lawyer

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