Custody and trustee services

As one of Australia’s leading and most experienced corporate trustee organisations, we offer a range of specialised custody and trustee services that can be tailored to your needs.

We hold assets on behalf of registered and unregistered managed investment schemes and wholesale clients. These assets can include real property, equities, fixed interest, mortgages, water licences and managed funds. We also act as trustee for wholesale trusts and employee share schemes.

In addition, we provide escrow services for holding Australian dollars and foreign currencies, as well as shares, documents and other assets.

We specialise in serving small to medium-sized investment managers, working in partnership with our clients as they are setting up a scheme.

For more information, please call Glenn White, Senior Manager Business Development, on (02) 9028 5922.

Our Corporate Trust business is a leading provider of corporate trust services to the financial services industry in Australia.

Meet the Corporate Trust Team

Yvonne Kelaher

Head of Corporate Trust

Sydney office

Glenn White

Senior Manager Business Development

Sydney office

Jo Cochrane

Senior Manager, Business Services

Sydney office

Leanne Clark

Senior Finance Manager

Sydney office

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