The negative impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) have grown significantly in recent days. We’re closely monitoring the situation so that we can ensure the safety, health and welfare of our people, clients, business partners and any others we interact with. We continue to follow the Australian Government’s advice about the most effective and appropriate actions to take.

We are ready to support you

The Coronavirus situation will affect each individual differently, so we will personalise the support we provide depending on your particular circumstances wherever possible. Please contact your usual AET representative if you are facing any difficulties and we will work collaboratively with you to meet these challenges.

Our teams are working from home

The majority of our employees are now working from home and our investment in technology means that disruption has been minimal.

We’ve had to adjust to this new way of working. When you call us you may hear kids, pets or a washing machine in the background or experience minor delays – but please be assured our teams are on hand to answer your queries. Pleasingly, even with the influx of calls, our response times have remained low (minutes versus hours).

Protecting the security and privacy of our client data

Protecting the security and privacy of our client data is legally required and very important to us. A large proportion of our people already regularly work remotely, so we’ve had appropriate cybersecurity, privacy systems and processes already in place to secure sensitive information.

Face-to-face meetings and travel requirements

In line with the Australian Government’s advice, we have cancelled all domestic and international travel for our people. Meetings between our people and clients, service providers or other external parties must now be held via remote means, such as phone or video conferencing.

Finding new solutions to support you

There is no doubt COVID-19 has challenged us to operate differently.

We will continue to provide you with quality support and advice by email, phone, video-conferencing and other technologies as well as by mail where we need to sight original or certified copies of documentation.

Thank you for your continued support

At Australian Executor Trustees, we’ve weathered many crises and challenges since we were founded over 140 years ago.

As part of the IOOF group, we are a top ASX 200 company, with a strong financial position, robust governance framework and a clearly defined business strategy.

With your support and the resilience and dedication of our people, we believe we will successfully navigate the current situation.

We remain committed to our advice-led strategy and delivering the best outcomes for clients, advisers, business partners and our communities in line with our purpose – understand me, look after me and secure my future.

Contact us

You can continue to contact your usual AET representative via phone or email using the same contact details you always have. We’re here to help you and to answer your questions.

Alternatively, you can contact our teams:

Superannuation – 1800 254 180 or email

Wills and estate planning – 1800 882 218

Estate services – 1800 882 218

Safe deposit services – 08 8127 1663

Financial management for compensated clients – 08 8127 1610

Native Title - 1800 078 680 or email

Philanthropy - 1800 684 672 or email

Please do not visit our offices at this time.

The safety, health and welfare of our people, clients, business partners and the broader community is our priority. We hope you, your family and your loved ones stay safe during this time.