Challenger Capital Notes 2 issued under the Challenger Capital Notes 2 Trust Deed dated 28 February 2017

In accordance with the notice provisions under clause 18.1(b) of the Challenger Capital Notes 2 Trust Deed dated 28 February 2017 (Trust Deed), notice is hereby given by the Trustee of the following:

1. On 1 November 2018, Australian Executor Trustees Limited (ACN 007 869 794) (AET Limited) sold its 'AET Corporate Trust' business to Sargon CT Holdings Pty Ltd (ACN 628 621 321).

2. On 5 May 2020, Pacific Infrastructure Partners purchased Sargon CT Pty Ltd from Sargon CT Holdings Pty Ltd.  Sargon CT Pty Ltd changed its name to Certes CT Pty Ltd on 7 July 2020, and to Certane CT Pty Ltd on 1 December 2020 (Certane).

3. Further to these events, pursuant to a Deed of Retirement and Appointment of Trustee between Challenger Limited, AET Limited, and Certane dated 30 June 2021, in accordance with clause 9.1, of the Trust Deed, there has been a change in the trustee to the Challenger Capital Notes 2 Trust (Trust) established under the Trust Deed.

4. The new trustee of the Trust is Certane CT Pty Ltd (ACN 106 424 088), replacing the former trustee being AET Limited, effective as of 30 June 2021 (Effective Date).

5. The notice details of Certane are as follows:

Certane CT Pty Ltd
Locked Bag 3015
Australia Square
Sydney NSW 1215

More information

For further information, please contact Certane via email: