Every year many people die intestate and this can cause emotional and financial hardship for relatives. Occasionally, the person who died may have thought they had a Will but it is found to be invalid when it’s too late to fix it. More often, people just haven’t got around to preparing a Will or they have misconceptions about who will inherit their assets and how straightforward and quick that process will be.

Intestacy rules vary across the country

The states and territories do not all follow the same intestacy rules. In fact, there are important differences, which if explained to clients could make them realise how what they thought would happen if they died suddenly and what will actually happen could be very different.

Reinforcing the importance of a Will to your clients

A valid Will is the cornerstone of estate planning and a technique you can use with your clients to help them understand its importance is to explain how the intestacy rules work. To help you do this the following section contains top-level summaries of the intestacy rules for New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia.

New South Wales

Intestacy rules New South Wales


Intestacy rules Queensland

South Australia

Intestacy rules South Australia


Intestacy rules Victoria

Western Australia

Intestacy rules for Western Australia

How can AET help?

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