At AET, we are always willing to work in partnership with you to give your clients specialist advice on estate and trustee services. Importantly, our offering can be unbundled to suit your clients’ individual circumstances.

To assist you in explaining estate and trustee topics to your clients we are creating a series of animation videos.

The latest video is called ‘Being an executor is not for the faint-hearted’ and outlines some of the difficulties people can face when appointing a family member or friend as an executor of their estate. Deciding who to choose as an executor depends on the complexity of the estate as well as the ability and experience of the potential executor.

Selecting a professional trustee company as either an executor or co-executor can help side-step potential losses or delays the estate could otherwise face if the executor does not have the required skills.

Also available is our video is entitled ‘The importance of estate planning’ which provides clients with an overview of the estate planning process, outlines the benefits of having a valid estate plan in place and details important legal documents that form part of an estate plan - a Will, enduring power of attorney, guardianship documents and superannuation nominations.

Watch the videos:

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