By Adeline Lim, Special Counsel – Trust & Fiduciary Services, Private Client Services

We were delighted to be a ‘Major Partner’ sponsor of the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) 2016 South Australian State Conference held on Friday, 11 November 2016 at St Mark’s College in Adelaide which was attended by approximately 40 ALA members.

The conference was opened by Patrick Boylen, SA State President of the ALA.

We then had the privilege of hearing a keynote address from Alex Ward, Edmund Barton Chambers entitled ‘Ten important career considerations’. And, there was more to it than just Alex sharing with us how he ended up as a legal practitioner due to family connections!

The next session was a real brain twister with Brian Hayes QC from Murray Chambers putting the panel which consisted of Patrick Boylen, Anthony Kerin, Maria Demosthenous and Sarah Vinall on the spot with a series of hypothetical scenarios to demonstrate what solicitors’ ethical obligations to a Court in litigation entails.

Mark McDonough, our National Manager, Compensation Trusts provided the attendees with an overview our compensation, financial management and trustee services for compensation trust clients.

After morning tea, James Telfer, Mitchell Chambers spoke about South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) 2015-2016 case law. This was followed by Maria Demosthenous from Anthony Mason Chambers presenting on ‘Lifetime support and the National Disability Insurance Scheme – what you need to know’ – a massive topic which was well covered by Maria’s talk and accompanying paper.

We had a change of pace after lunch with Grant Feary and Gianna Di Stefano from the Law Society of South Australia co-presenting on ‘Building resilience in legal practice – Tarzan… grabbing for the oxygen mask’. They discussed examples of matters ending up in Law Claims as a result of practitioners not coping with the stress of practice and the need to look after our own health and wellbeing. Clinical psychologist, Len Kling provided a useful commentary on this topic.

For the home stretch, we had Jo-Anne Deuter, Anthony Mason Chambers present on ‘Recent developments in medical negligence…traps, pitfalls and dilemmas’ and David Blyth, Anthony Mason Chambers speak about ‘Case law – eight most important Common Law cases of 2015/2016’. Poor David had the hardest gig of the day as he had to compete with the outside noise from the thunderstorm and golf ball-sized hail stones falling on the roof, plus speaking at the last session of a Friday.

The conference closed with an address by Anthony Kerin recapping the salient points from each speaker of the conference.

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